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Sandra Jeffs

Yellow Orchid Photo

Yellow Orchid Photo

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Capture the Royal Elegance of the King's Temple Gardens

Experience the elegance and serenity of the King's Temple gardens in Bangkok, Thailand, with this stunning photograph of a Yellow Orchid, taken in 2006. Available in two sizes, 8" x 12" or 11" x 14", this exquisite image brings a touch of royal splendor and natural beauty into your home.

Symbolism and Significance

In Black Sect Feng Shui tradition, yellow, orange, and earth tones represent health and well-being. Plants and wood also embody these qualities, making this photograph not just a visual delight but a powerful symbol of vitality and prosperity.

The orchid itself is rich in symbolism, representing:

  • Thoughtfulness
  • Refinement
  • Fertility
  • Beauty
  • Charm
  • Love

Enhance Your Well-Being

Purchase this photograph with the intention to improve or enhance your health and well-being, whether physical, mental, emotional, or relational. It can also serve to foster healthy relationships, including a healthy relationship with money.

Ideal Placement

For the most beneficial effect, hang this photograph in the center of your home, which is considered the health area in Feng Shui. Often, hallways occupy the central part of a home, making them an ideal location for this piece. However, the power of intention allows for flexibility, so you can hang it anywhere in your home as a constant reminder of your commitment to health and well-being.

Recommended Mat-board and Frame Colors

To enhance the photograph's positive impact and aesthetic appeal, we recommend the following:

  • Mat-board Color: Pale Yellow or Cream Shades
  • Frame Color: Brown or Tan

Why Choose This Photograph?

Choosing this Yellow Orchid photograph is more than a decorative decision—it's a powerful step towards manifesting positive outcomes in your life. With its rich symbolism and elegant beauty, it serves as a daily reminder to prioritize your health and well-being.

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Bring home the timeless beauty of the King's Temple gardens and let this photograph inspire and enhance your life today.

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