Yellow Orchid Photo - Sandra Jeffs

Yellow Orchid Photo

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This photo was taken int he gardens of the King's Temple in Bangkok, Thailand in 2006. Comes in two sizes: 8" X 12" or 11" X 14".

Yellow (and all earth tone colors) is the color of health and well being and so are plants and wood in the Black Hat Feng Shui tradition.

Buy this with an intention to improve or enhance your health and well being, whether it is physical, mental, emotional health, or to have healthy relationships or even a healthy relationship with money. You can hang it anywhere in the home to remind you of your commitment to be healthy. Often hallways are in the center of the home, and the center of a home (or room) is the health area, so a hallway int he center of a home is a good place to hang this as well.

Buying something new with a strong intention is very powerful and can create positive outcomes.