Sandra Jeffs first worked doing editing for Dr. Peter Lewinsohn from 1983-1987 editing his textbooks, articles, and grant proposals. She went on to work in Education as an ESL teacher for over 25 years. She has an MFA in Creative Writing from the University of Oregon and is certified in ESL in Linguistics. She worked primarily in colleges and universities and has edited countless manuscripts, dissertations, essays, thesis papers, stories, etc. Sandra Jeffs is a poet and novelist and feels writing is her purpose in life.


If you want to self-publish, you really need an editor to check your work. Too many Indie Authors ignore their weak grammar and foolishly believe that they can catch any typos, or inconsistencies themselves. For most, it is impossible.

Simply spending the time and money to have a professional set of eyes look at your work, can mean the difference between a successful writing career or stagnation.

I hear constantly that readers have been stung by buying an Indie book only to find it hopelessly riddled with grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors, and/or with poor plotting and characterization, etc. Readers will rarely, if ever buy another book from an author with these problems and, indeed, express reluctance to buy ANY Indie book as a result of so many Indie books out there that are sub-standard. Neglecting the editing, hurts all of us Indie authors.

OFFER: I will edit the first chapter of a novel, or other manuscript  (up to 25 pages double spaced or 14 pages single spaced) for $25 in order for you to experience what I can do for you as an editor.

Click here to payhttps://sandrajeffs.com/products/introductory-chapter-1-edit-of-a-novel

PRICING for a full edit depends on the length of your manuscript and how quickly you want a turn-around on the editing., e.g., a proof-read only will cost less.

I reject work on sexually explicit, racist, or hateful manuscripts. For technically specific non-fiction, I can proof for grammar, spelling and typos, but,  as a non-expert in science or specialty fields,  I do not comment on content.

CONTACT me with a proposal at sandy@sandrajeffs.com


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As a gift for any writers visiting, here's an infographic about getting reviews for your finished book. It's a good idea to start contacting these resources just prior to the publication. Cheers!