Kindness Practice Pledge

Commit today to a Kindness Practice for either 30 days 60 days, or 90 days. Begin the process of making a habit of consciously practicing kindness each and every day.

Each day find at least 3 ways (or more) to be kind every day in thought, word, or deed. A few examples are:

  • You can stop your own thoughts of judgment about yourself or others

  • Give a silent blessing to those you encounter (I bless you with Peace, Prosperity, Health, and Happiness).

  • You can choose kind words, give authentic feedback in a compassionate way, stop yourself or others from gossiping or complaining about others behind their backs.

  • You can choose an act to do for others-which can be as simple as giving directions,  checking on an elderly person each day, smiling at those you meet, etc.

  • You can do one or two  kindnesses for yourself (often we neglect ourselves) and one or two kind acts for another person each day.

  • You can choose to volunteer.

NOTE: make these conscious acts that you PLAN to do each day and then also grab any random chance to be kind.

At the end of each day, write by hand in a journal what you did, how it felt and if you noticed any synchronicities that occurred as a result.

    Go to the Blog to learn more details about the Kindness Practice.

    Click on one of the pledge buttons below, fill it out  and print the Kindness Pledge. Have fun!



     90  DAY PLEDGE

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