Theta Healing - Sandra Jeffs

If you are a person who has worked with many healing modalities and healers and, even though they all helped to one degree or another, you want more change and growth on a more permanent basis, Theta Healing is for you.

I was that person who was doing affirmations, journaling, talk therapy, dream therapy, and healing after healing and found that small things shifted while my biggest, most gnarly issues stayed the same. Then, I was gifted a Theta Healing session and it shifted things rapidly and dramatically.

For example, an older brother who was abusive to me as a child who I had worked on in therapy to forgive and to become friends with, (he is a great guy, really) still was surly and non-communicative with me. After my second Theta Healing session, in which I worked on he and I, I called him on his birthday and he greeted me with delight and talked for 30 minutes, which is the first time that had ever happened. Our relationship has changed for the better ever since.

Whether you have health issues, relationship issues, money issues, career, or self-esteem issues, etc., Theta Healing goes into the subconscious to find the belief or the emotion that is keeping you stuck or limiting you and is able to dissolve, or delete it.

Our conscious minds and our subconscious minds do not communicate except in the dream state which can be fairly confusing and many don't even recall their dreams. The Theta Brainwave state IS the subconscious mind, so going there allows the healer to access the hidden, stubborn beliefs programmed there.


Scientists have shown that 85%-90% of our brains are on auto-pilot and deep in the subconscious. That is why affirmations take so long to show any effect - and - most folks give up on the affirmations before they see any change. That's also why Talk-Therapy takes so long to see change.

But Theta Healing gets right to the crux and asks the Universe (Higher Power, God, Creator, or whatever you call it) what are the limiting beliefs, stuck emotions, etc. that are limiting you. You check out what the healer tells you she hears with muscle testing and then give permission to delete it and install a more loving and supportive belief or emotion to help you achieve your dreams.

The changes that take place shift the DNA and your beliefs that are resolved in in your history, so that you learn whatever lessons there were to be learned and have that wisdom available henceforth.

Theta Healing is gentle, fast and effective. It can be done on the phone or in person if you are local.

This is my philosophy: 
Medicine Woman's Prayer
I will not rescue you, for you are not powerless.
I will not fix you, for you are not broken.
I will not heal you, for I see you, in your wholeness.
I will walk with you through the darkness as you remember your light.

First time clients Must do a 75-90 minute session clearing stuck emotions and all contracts, agreements, hook, oaths, & vows, prior to doing any belief work or closing open past lifetimes.

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 After you've worked with Sandra and had the session to clear stuck emotions, which only needs to be done once, you can do a regular Theta healing session.

Click below for a one hour Theta Healing session to change beliefs, shift energy, clear karma, close past lives, shift health issues, etc.



Sandra Jeffs' Bio: she got advanced certification in Theta Healing in 2012 and has been practicing it daily since then. She has channeled some additional ways to quickly and more permanently remove and shift the energy which has added to the benefit she brings. This also helps with doing the work more permanently and not tethering a person to more and more work. Nevertheless, it might take a few sessions, because we all are complex with many layers to un-peel, but it speeds up the process mightily. Her goal is to help you learn to do your own growth work as much as possible and empower you.