Tracing the 9-Stars Feng Shui Alignment

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This alignment helps to call in the vibration for what you want to enhance in your life. Many people want to heal their health, or find love, or manifest more money, etc. The power of doing this alignment for 27 days in a row while holding a clear intention and how it will FEEL to manifest it, is in the power of intention: "What we focus on is what we create in life."

Doing it for 27 days helps to break the current cycle. If you go for an additional 27 days (54 days in a row), it can create a new vibration that continues to bring this into fruition. Doing it for another 27 days beyond (a total of 81 days in a row), can solidly settle this into your unconscious and automatically make it continue as life goes forward. Most people just start by doing a 27-Day cycle the first time.

These are sold individually so that you can choose to do the alignment in any of the nine areas (guas) of life:

Family, Wealth, Health, Helpful People (support),  Creativity, Knowledge/Wisdom/Spirituality, Fame/Reputation, Career, Relationship/Love

Instructions for how to do this alignment for 27 days in a row are included (a value of $25).

If you want to do all "9-Stars" at the same time, you can buy a set at a lower "set price. "

NOTE: one tea light is included. You will need to buy more of the tea lights to do the entire 27 days, which are available in bulk at most stores (e.g., Walmart, Target)

Included is a small bag of Pink Himalayan Salt, A clear glass candle holder, and one tea light


Alignment: Brings energy to an issue for solutions with the candle
Pink Himalayan Salt: cleans, clears and purifies
Candle: brings unity, peace, and love. Raises the vibration with the heat to better attract what you desire.