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Sandra Jeffs

Stop & Rest Photo

Stop & Rest Photo

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Serene Chianti Landscape Photograph

Immerse yourself in the tranquil beauty of Chianti, Italy with this captivating photograph taken in 2000. At first glance, it’s a serene depiction of nature’s splendor, but look closely, and you'll notice the subtle "STOP" sign on the far right, adding a unique touch to this peaceful scene.

Available in two sizes, 8" x 12" and 11" x 14", this photograph is more than just a piece of art—it’s a tool for enhancing your well-being and family ties according to Black Sect Feng Shui tradition. The lush greenery symbolizes family connections and your journey through life, while the earthy tones of brown and orange represent health and wellness.

When you purchase this photograph, do so with the intention to strengthen your family bonds, enrich your destiny, and promote better health. Display it in your home or work-space as a constant reminder of your commitment to these aspects of your life.

To maximize its positive energy, consider these Feng Shui tips:

  • Family Area: when you draw a grid over your space and create 9 spaces, hang it in the middle third to the left of your front door to enhance family ties.(we provide instructions for this Feng Shui perspective)
  • Health Area: Place it in the exact center of your home to boost health and well-being.
  • Anywhere: The power of intention means you can hang it wherever it feels right to you.

For the best visual and energetic impact, we recommend pairing it with a brown or tan mat-board and a green frame.

Embrace the powerful synergy of intention and art with this serene Chianti landscape, and invite harmony, health, and happiness into your home.

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