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Sandra Jeffs

Silver Swallow Bird and Lave bead Stretch Infusion Bracelet-Good Feng Shui-for all Genders

Silver Swallow Bird and Lave bead Stretch Infusion Bracelet-Good Feng Shui-for all Genders

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Unlock Your Inner Courage and Joy: Discover the Power of Our Lava Bead and Swallow Bird Bracelet

Experience the perfect fusion of simplicity, elegance, and wellness with our Lava Bead and Swallow Bird Bracelet. This sweet and striking bracelet not only adds a touch of charm to your ensemble but also offers therapeutic benefits to uplift your spirit and enhance your well-being.

Ease and Comfort Combined: Our bracelet features a stretch design for effortless wearability, ensuring a comfortable fit every time. Say goodbye to fussy clasps and hello to seamless style and comfort.

Harness the Power of Essential Oils: The porous lava beads of our bracelet serve as the perfect canvas for essential oil infusion. Simply apply a drop of your favorite blended essential oil onto the beads at your pulse point, and let the natural properties of the oils uplift your mood and promote overall wellness. Enjoy the aromatic benefits for up to 48 hours before reapplication is needed.

 Fit for Every Wrist: Available in three sizes to accommodate all wrist sizes:

  • Small: Approximately 6 inches
  • Medium: Approximately 7 inches
  • Large: Approximately 8 inches

For those with unique wrist sizes, simply select the closest size and provide your exact wrist measurement in the "Special Order Instructions." We'll ensure that your bracelet is tailored to fit you perfectly.

Properties for Inner Balance and Joy:

  • Lava Beads: Known for adding courage, stability, and positive energy to one's life, lava beads also help diminish negativity, promoting inner peace and balance.
  • Silver: With its calming properties, silver brings balance and harmony to both the mind and spirit, fostering a sense of tranquility and serenity.
  • Swallow Bird: Symbolizing happiness, spiritual and physical journeys, and joy, the swallow bird brings a sense of lightness and positivity to your life.

Embrace the Journey to Inner Peace and Joy: Elevate your style and well-being with our Lava Bead and Swallow Bird Bracelet. Experience the transformative power of essential oils and the uplifting energy of symbolic charms, and embark on a journey of courage, balance, and joy.

Order your  bracelet today and unlock a world of inner peace and positivity.

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