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Sandra Jeffs

Red Jasper, Lava, and Sterling Silver Bead Stretch Infusion Bracelet-Good Feng Shui- for all Genders

Red Jasper, Lava, and Sterling Silver Bead Stretch Infusion Bracelet-Good Feng Shui- for all Genders

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Ignite Your Spirit, your vitality  with our Red Jasper and Lava Bead Bracelet: A Fusion of Earthy Elegance and Wellness

Unleash the power of nature with our Red Jasper and Lava Bead Bracelet, a striking accessory that transcends gender boundaries. Crafted with earthy Red Jasper beads, this bracelet not only enhances your style but also serves as a conduit for promoting health and well-being.

Aromatherapy On-the-Go: Infuse your daily routine with the therapeutic benefits of essential oils. Our bracelet features porous lava beads that readily absorb your favorite blends. Simply apply a drop of blended essential oil onto the lava beads at your pulse point, and let the natural properties of the oils soothe your spirit and invigorate your senses. Experience the aromatic benefits for up to 48 hours before reapplication is needed.

Custom Comfort for Every Wrist: Available in three sizes to ensure a comfortable fit for all:

  • Small: Approximately 6 inches
  • Medium: Approximately 7 inches
  • Large: Approximately 8 inches

For those with unique wrist sizes, simply select the closest size and provide your exact wrist measurement in the "Special Order Instructions" at checkout. We'll ensure that your bracelet is tailored to fit you perfectly.

Properties for Grounding and Protection:

  • Red Jasper: Known for its calming properties, Red Jasper relieves anxiety, grounds the wearer, and provides protection. Revered as "the blood of the earth," this gemstone connects you to the nurturing energies of the natural world.
  • Lava Beads: Infused with courage, stability, and transformative energy, lava beads complement the grounding properties of Red Jasper, empowering you to navigate life's challenges with strength and resilience.
  • Silver: calms and brings balance

Elevate Your Style and Well-Being: Embrace the fusion of earthy elegance and holistic wellness with our Red Jasper and Lava Bead Bracelet. Whether you're seeking tranquility, protection, or inner strength, this versatile accessory is your companion on the journey to self-discovery and empowerment.

Order your bracelet today and embark on a path of balance, protection, and vitality.


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