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Sandra Jeffs

Mother and Baby on MasaiMara Plain Photo

Mother and Baby on MasaiMara Plain Photo

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Capture the Essence of Love and Family with Our Elephant Photo 

A picture truly speaks a thousand words, and this extraordinary photograph embodies the profound love and care shared between a mother elephant and her baby. Elephants, known for their deep emotional bonds and loyalty, are remarkable creatures. When a loved one dies, they are known to cry, and their commitment to each other is unyielding.

Fascinating Elephant Facts

  • Communication: Elephants use up to nine different calls and rhythmically stomp their feet to communicate with one another.
  • Daily Journey: They roam approximately 30 miles a day in their herds.
  • Environmental Impact: As herbivores, they play a crucial role in maintaining the ecosystem by dispersing seeds through their dung, keeping the land lush and fertile.

Conservation Significance

Elephants, especially African elephants, are endangered due to poaching and the illegal ivory trade. The loss of these gentle giants would be a tragic blow to biodiversity and would accelerate global warming. This poignant photograph, taken on January 2, 2021, on the Masai Mara Plains in Kenya, captures elephants in a sanctuary where they are protected and roam freely.

Symbolism and Feng Shui Meaning

Elephants: Symbolize luck, prosperity, strength, family commitment, wisdom, and vitality. They represent the ability to overcome obstacles with grace and determination.

Babies: they symbolize purity, vulnerablilty, and innocence, thus, inspiring us to nurture those qualities for ourself.

African Plains: Symbolize freedom, safety, security, and a thriving environment.

Black Sect Feng Shui:

  • Family: This photo enhances our connection to family and health, as our DNA and well-being are inherently linked to our family ties.
  • Placement: Place this photo in the left-center of your dwelling to strengthen your family connections (including your Soul Family) and to enhance health and well-being.

Intentional Decoration

Purchasing this photo with the intention to fortify family ties or inherited health is a powerful way to activate your highest potential through Black Sect Feng Shui. Let this beautiful image of motherly love and natural grace bring positive energy and a sense of peace into your home.

Add this stunning piece to your collection and let it remind you daily of the strength, love, and wisdom embodied by these magnificent creatures. Allow it to help you emulate these qualities in your everyday life. 

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