Laughing Buddha Red Statues for Good Luck & Prosperity-Good Feng Shui

Laughing Buddha Red Statues for Good Luck & Prosperity-Good Feng Shui

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The Laughing Buddha is a long-standing tradition in Feng Shui for attracting good luck and abundance. It is said that if you rub the belly of the laughing Buddha each day while envisioning your desires, they will be manifested.

It Is said that his inner smile was so strong that his whole face exuded a smile, no matter where he went, and brought happiness. .

These statues are made of a durable red resin coating. They are approx 2" high and 1 3/4 wide (height varies per statue).

The color RED is very auspicious.

Properties are:
Resin: is the  lifeblood of the tree; it  repairs, protects, and heals.

Meaning of the different statues:

- If the Laughing Buddha is sitting, it is considered to be a signof  love and it symbolizes balance of thoughts and tranquility.
- If the Laughing Buddha is standing, it symbolizes riches and happiness.

- A Laughing Buddha with a bag (often over his shoulder) signifies that all your woes and troubles will be placed in the bag and taken away from you. It can also mean it is filled with gold and wealth will come to you.

-A laughing Buddha with one or two hands raised, especially holding a bowl,  signifies good luck in all ways including good fortune and great abundance.

- A Laughing Buddha wearing a hat signifies having a long, happy, healthy life that is carefree.

- A Laughing Buddha with a bowl symbolizes receiving good fortune. The owner of this statue shows that he or she is open and ready to receive all good things.

- A Laughing Buddha holding a fan represents the waving away of all negative energy and any troubles or concerns a person might have. If you want to to learn the secrets of Divine Wisdom, this is a good statue for you to choose.

- A laughing Buddha with a wealth ball (a gold nugget) in his hand(s) would be a good choice if you want to attract prosperity and wealth.

The main intent of ANY happy Buddha is that it is a constant reminder to smile, stay happy, and enjoy your life.

Placement for the Laughing Buddha in the home:

Bathrooms are off limits - no Buddha there - or on top of TVs or electronics or on the floor.

Do place the Buddha:

- at the front entrance (facing into the dwelling) to bring in a windfall of money  or to increase you income flow.

- on your work desk to bring harmony to your job and with co-workers

- in your car to promote traveling

 - in the living room (facing the front door) or in your meditation space.