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Sandra Jeffs

Hanging Crystal for Protection/Safety in the Car - 6-True Colors -Feng Shui - 20 mm

Hanging Crystal for Protection/Safety in the Car - 6-True Colors -Feng Shui - 20 mm

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Experience the Transformation of Feng Shui: Harmonize Your Environment for Optimal Energy Flow and Joy

Elevate Your Car’s Energy/safety with a Antarctic 6-True Colors Feng Shui Crystal

Add a touch of positive energy, protection, and beauty to your car with this small, exquisite crystal designed to hang from your rear-view mirror. Blessed with the intention of safety for all who ride in your vehicle, this 20 mm Tantric Feng Shui item is both a protective talisman and a source of joy.

Key Features:

  • Perfect Size: A compact 20 mm crystal that’s ideal for hanging in your car or home.
  • Elegant Design: The crystal creates stunning rainbows without causing any distracting glare while driving.
  • Total Drop Length: The drop on the clear and colored crystals is approximately 3 inches, with a total hanging length of about 5 inches on a 9-inch red ribbon.
  • The colored Crystals on top of the clear crystal are: white, green, yellow, blue, red, and black. They represent the ancient chant Om Ma Ni Pad, Me Hum which means: "on the path of life, with intention and wisdom, we can achieve the pure body, speech and mind of a Buddha."


  • Positive Energy: The crystal brings positive energy, hope, joy, and good luck.
  • Symbolic Significance: The six true colors represent the transformation of impure body, speech, and mind into the pure, exalted forms of a master, symbolizing independence and the union of method and wisdom.

Customization Option:

  • Tibetan Tantric Buddhist Tradition: The six true colors follow the Tibetan Tantric Buddhist tradition. If you prefer the Black Sect Tantric Feng Shui order, please specify this in the comments when you purchase, and we will customize one especially for you.

Important Note:

  • Safety Precaution: In high heat and direct sunlight, cover your windshield when parked to prevent the crystal from potentially sparking a fire. We accept no responsibility for improper use.

Enhance Your Journey

Begin your journey with a touch of Feng Shui magic. This beautiful crystal not only enhances the energy around you but also brings a sense of protection and peace. Perfect for your car or home, it’s a thoughtful addition to any space.

Order now and infuse your travels with positive energy and safety!

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