Gemstone Health Bowl - Feng Shui Alignment

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This is a Black Sect Feng Shui Alignment to attract more health and well-being into your life. It works by harassing the energy vibrations of: (2.) intention (to stop unhealthy behaivors and create a healthy body, mind, and spirit); (2) the auspicious power of red; (3) the enhancing and multiplying quality of a mirror; and, (4) the energy vibrations of the gemstones. This Alignment has been used for over 3,000 years and benefits from the magnitude of having worked for that amount of time. 

On the bottom of the glass bowl is the command: “Creator of All That Is (can use: “Universe,” or “Spirit,” or “God”-whatever address you prefer), it is commanded to easily and quickly bring Health and well-being to me and to do so in the highest and best interests of all concerned.”

This command further empowers the Light Force to bring in and align one with the desired outcome.

NOTE: The Universe brings us what we are ready to deal with, and no more. This Alignment is not magical. One must do the work around receiving and ridding one's self of blocks, fears, and negative programming that can stop/limit the outcome from fully manifesting. When you get an intuition to take action, take action. Waiting for illness to immediately disappear while continuing unhealthy lifestyle practices, is magical thinking and counter-productive. Notice any signs, intuitive hits, and opportunities that arise. Those are what this Alignment is bringing you. Release any fixation on how it will happen or in what form it will show up– the Universe can surprise us. Sometimes something else must heal that we didn’t even realize was unwell, before the “known” illness can move into health.

Properties of the 3 most powerful gemstones to attract prosperity and abundance:

Clear Quartz: a master healer; Balances & revitalizes the physical, mental, & emotional bodies; Cleanses the organs  
Green Jade (Nephrite):cleanses the body; can boost functions of the heart, kidneys, nervous, and immune systems; can also protect the thyroid, thymus, spleen, larynx, liver, kidneys, and activate the adrenals; can remove toxins and balance fluids.
Lapis Lazuli: helps with throat, larynx, ear and nose health; enhances circulation and improves cardiac rhythm, blood pressure, and sleep.

    This Alignment is comprised of 4 parts:

    1. A red felt 3" cloth: this brings in the powerful color red which is considered the MOST AUSPICIOUS of colors and will enhance the alignment being done.
    2. A 3" round mirror: a mirror will amplify and project the energy out to attract the desire outcome.
    3. A glass bowl: to be able to see the gemstone rocks
    4. Three of the most powerful gemstones with the properties that attract and multiply the energy of the alignment.