Free Download - 2020 Forecast

Free Download - 2020 Forecast

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At the end of each year, I sit in meditation and channel what the energy of the coming year holds. This psychic meditation is then written down and I go on to research and compile what's in store according to: Chinese Astrology, numerology, and Western astrology, also.

I am clairsentient, empathic, and an astrologer, although I only work with a select and few clients with astrology at this point in time.

I am struck every year by the correlation that appears across all four of the methodologies that I examine.

My goal is to prepare my readers with how the energies for the year are likely  forming, so they can align themselves and their own energy to make the most of each year, which often helps to weather the extremes in life. Our FREE WILL is the most powerful tool we have to influence events in life. I beleive events are pliable (to a certain extent) and being "forewarned" is to be prepared and empowered to create the life you want..