Fluorite Palm Stones

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These palm stones fit comfortably in your hand. Holding these in your palm will connect with a pressure point that is there and add value throughout your body. This point in your palm is a major pressure point connected to higher self..

These are real gemstones, so the color will vary, as you can see in the photos. There are many shades of purple or green or the rainbow in fluorite. We cannot guarantee which color variation you will get, only that if you order green, it will be in the green variation, etc.

They are approximately 1 1/3" inches in length, by 1 1/3 inches wide, and 1/4 inch thick. Size varies slightly from stone to stone.

*Fluorite stays at the vibration level it is raised to. Our crystals have been raise to the 20th Dimension and will stay there, will gently raise your own vibration by wearing it, safely and appropriately for you.


Fluorite-Rainbow: Protection, heightens mental & psychic abilities, relieves stress & spiritual discomfort & physical blockages, brings intuition, spiritual awakening, communication, healing

Fluorite-purple: Protection, lessons bad dreams, relieves stress & spiritual discomfort & physical blockages, heals

Fluorite-Green: aids intuition, grounds, absorbs excess energy, cleanses, renews Chakras, healing