Blessing Dragon Bell for good Feng Shui

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Bells bring in the elements of wind and sound in a home. This bell has multiple spiritual meaning of the dragon, fish, clouds, etc. to add to your good fortune and abundance. They can be hung in any area of the home to enhance the abundance of the area of your life (an insert of the Feng Shui areas of the home is included).

Size: Small - 1 3/4" diameter & 1 3/4" High


Bronze: positive thinking; clean negative energy; ameliorate stress; good luck.                          
Bell: means beginnings and ends; expansion of consciousness.                                                
Dragon: Wisdom, knowledge, inspiration, transformation, good luck, power, strength. 

Fish: Native American-salvation; Chinese's-Wealth & Abundance, life.                                    
Clouds: "We are not our thought; we are the sky in which they happen." Resting in the consciousness of Deity.