Black Tourmaline Healing-Attracting Abundance Feng Shui Bowl

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Feng Shui is known for balancing and harmonizing energy and for bringing our intentions into alignment with the energy vibrations of the place.

This alignment is to clear negative energy and transmute it into positive energy, to bring in grounding and stability and so, thus, bring our strongest intentions and desires into reality. This one works with our blocks and obstacles with money, prosperity, and abundance. It draws on the power of Feng Shui, of Pink Himalayan Salt, and of the messages in the water, ala, Messages in Water by Masaru Emoto

Properties are:

Black Tourmaline: strong grounding, clears negative energy, transmutes dark or anxious feelings into positive ones, brings self-confidence, paves the way to truth and life’s purpose. Is connected to the Root Chakra.
Glass bowl: transformation, rebirth, focus, merging of elements.
Mirror:  intensifies the healing and alignment
Red felt square: Feng Shui uses this to bring luck and destiny into the alignment
Pink Himalayan Salt: cleanses and purifies the alignment, the energy in the space.
Words on the Bowl: a blessing and a command to bring your intention to fruition, ala: Messages in Water by Masaru Emoto – the words transform the water, etc., to its highest and best form and energy structure.