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Black Tourmaline Healing-Attracting Abundance Feng Shui Bowl

Black Tourmaline Healing-Attracting Abundance Feng Shui Bowl

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Transform Your Space, Transform Your Life: Discover the Power of Feng Shui for Harmony and Prosperity

Feng Shui Energy Clearing/Harmonizer with Black Tourmaline and Pink Himalayan Salt to Manifest Abundance

Harness the ancient wisdom of Black Sect Feng Shui with our Feng Shui Energy Harmonizer, designed to balance and harmonize the energy in your environment. This elegant piece aligns your intentions with the energy vibrations of your space, transforming negative energy into positive energy and promoting grounding and stability. By clearing blocks and obstacles related to money, prosperity, and abundance, this harmonizer helps manifest your strongest desires and intentions.

Key Components and Properties:

  • Black Tourmaline: Provides strong grounding, clears negative energy, and helps to transmutes dark or anxious feelings into positive ones. It can enhance self-confidence and pave the way to truth and your life’s purpose, connecting deeply with the Root Chakra.
  • Glass Bowl: Symbolizes transformation, rebirth, focus, and the merging of elements, serving as a powerful vessel for energy work.
  • Mirror: Intensifies the healing and alignment process, amplifying the positive energies within your space.
  • Red Felt Square: Used in Feng Shui to bring luck and align destiny, ensuring your intentions are supported by harmonious energy.
  • Pink Himalayan Salt: along with Black Tourmaline, it helps to cleanse and purify the energy, enhancing the overall balance and harmony of your environment.
  • Words on the Bowl: Inspired by Masaru Emoto's "Messages in Water," these words serve as a blessing and a command, transforming the water to its highest and best form and energy structure, and ensuring your intentions come to fruition.

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Included are:

  • red felt,
  • a small mirror,
  • Himalayan pink salt,
  • the bowl,
  • a large piece of black tourmaline, 
  • instructions. 

Placement and Benefits:

Place the Feng Shui Energy Harmonizer at your left-back corner (the abundance area) of the dwelling/work-space to assist in healing, balancing, and raising the vibration for attracting/manifesting more abundance. This strategic placement ensures that every time you enter this space, you are greeted by a flow of positive, grounding energy that supports your goals for abundance. [Instructions/map are included.]

Transform Your Space:

Experience the profound benefits of Feng Shui with our Energy Harmonizer. By integrating the power of black tourmaline, Pink Himalayan Salt, messages on the glass bowl, and the ancient Feng Shui tradition of a mirror to amplify the alignment, and the red felt to bring luck, plus, the transformative messages of water, this piece not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of your home but also elevates its energetic harmony. Embrace the balanced, positive energy and let it guide you towards prosperity, stability, and the realization of your deepest desires.

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Get a bowl while they're still in stock and create a space that supports you in your financial goals. 

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