BaGua Mirrors for the Home Outside - Feng Shui

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We have two kinds of BaGua Mirrors to hang on the outside of a home:

  1. Convex Mirrored Bagua increases Positive Chi (Energy) for the home
  2. Concave Mirrored Bagua catches and ameliorates Negative Chi/Cutting Chi (Energy) for the home

Work with a professions Feng Shui Consultant to know how to hang these mirrors for the best results. We do send instructions for how to hang and where to use them.

 These are made of metal to withstand the elements. They are 6.5” in diameter and ½” thick.


Properties are:

Base Metal: Spiritually, the consciousness and energy of the Metal Element is about “letting go” of whatever is no longer needed. It is no longer appropriate for you to carry the weight of lies and pain. You must find what the self finds valuable and “let go” of the rest.”

BaGua: The bagua, consisting of eight sets of three lines, broken and unbroken in different combinations, represent natural forces.”

Mirror: can be symbols of divinity and power, implements of distortion, and tools for self-reflection.