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BaGua Mirrors for the Home Outside - Feng Shui

BaGua Mirrors for the Home Outside - Feng Shui

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Create a Sanctuary of Positive Energy: Feng Shui Solutions for Health, Wisdom, Wealth, and Happiness

Feng Shui, an ancient tradition, designed to aligns the energy of our surroundings—whether land, home, or office—with our personal energy fields and the collective energy of our family or colleagues. Our BaGua Mirrors are essential tools in this practice, designed to balance and harmonize the chi (energy) around your environment.

Optimize Your Home’s Energy

These mirrors are specifically used to manage the energy flow at the front  of your dwelling, or to the sides where a neighboring building has corners pointing to one's dwelling and, thus, creating "Arrow or Cutting Chi." They come in two types:

  • Convex Mirrored BaGua: Increases Positive Chi (Energy) for the home. Ideal for areas with little to no energy, the convex mirror attracts and enhances the energy flow.
  • Concave Mirrored BaGua: Catches and ameliorates Negative Chi or Cutting Chi (Energy). Perfect for busy streets or places with excessive energy, the concave mirror absorbs and neutralizes the surplus energy.

Expert Guidance for Optimal Results

We recommend consulting with a professional Feng Shui Consultant to determine the best placement for these mirrors. For your convenience, we include detailed instructions on how and where to hang them.

Durable and Elegant Design

Crafted from robust metal to withstand the elements, these mirrors are both functional and durable. Each mirror measures 6.5 inches in diameter and 0.5 inches thick, making them suitable for outdoor use.


  • Base Metal: Spiritually symbolizes the energy of the Metal Element, emphasizing the importance of “letting go” of unnecessary burdens and focusing on what is truly valuable.
  • BaGua: The bagua consists of eight sets of three lines (trigrams) that represent natural forces, fundamental to the principles of Feng Shui.
  • Mirror: Mirrors in Feng Shui symbolize divinity and power, serve as implements of distortion, and act as tools for self-reflection.

Why Choose Our BaGua Mirrors?

Our BaGua Mirrors are designed to bring balance and harmony to your home by effectively managing the energy flow. Whether you need to increase positive energy or mitigate negative influences, these mirrors offer a practical and aesthetically pleasing solution. Embrace the ancient wisdom of Feng Shui and transform your living space into a sanctuary of peace and positive energy.

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