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Sandra Jeffs

Amethyst Hexagon Point Pendant Necklace on Sterling Silver Snake Chain

Amethyst Hexagon Point Pendant Necklace on Sterling Silver Snake Chain

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Transform Your Energy: Adorn Yourself with Spiritual Jewelry Designed to Elevate Your Vibration.

Experience the captivating elegance of our Amethyst Harmony Pendant Necklace. Each pendant, approximately 1.5 inches long, is carefully crafted from natural amethyst and suspended on a luxurious 20-inch Sterling Silver Snake chain, designed to complement any outfit with its timeless beauty and grace.


  • Amethyst: Renowned as the stone of faithful love, amethyst embodies dignity, passion, creativity, and spirituality. Its soothing energy promotes tranquility and a sense of well-being, making it a cherished addition to your jewelry collection.
  • Silver: Sterling silver is celebrated for its calming properties and its ability to bring balance to the wearer's energy, perfectly complementing the serene nature of amethyst.

Unique and Natural Variations

Please note, as these are natural gemstones, the color of each pendant varies, adding to its unique charm. The array of pendant points showcases a spectrum of hues, from deep purples to lighter, more varied tones. While we cannot guarantee an exact color, we invite you to express your preference in your order comments:

  • Dark Color
  • Medium Color
  • Light Color
  • Varied Color

We will make every effort to match your desired shade if available.

Why Choose the Amethyst Harmony Pendant Necklace?

This necklace is more than a piece of jewelry; it is a symbol of love, creativity, and spiritual connection. The combination of amethyst and sterling silver offers not only aesthetic appeal but also a harmonious balance of energies, enhancing your inner peace and personal growth.

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Elevate your style and spirit with the Amethyst Harmony Pendant Necklace.

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