All 9 Guas for Feng Shui-Bundle Deal

All 9 Guas for Feng Shui-Bundle Deal

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A Deeper Awareness: Enhance Your Living/Working space with a Beautiful Crystal Ball

Introducing our exquisite, clear crystal balls adorned with six small colored crystals that correspond with the 9 areas of the home: red for Reputation/Fame/Self-Love; purple for Wealth & Abundance; Green for Family and Genetic Health; Blue for Knowledge?Spirituality; Black for Career; Silver for Helpful People/Children; White for Creativity.

This bundle will save you 10% off individual purchase for the crystals and will save you time and energy by hanging them all at once. Crystal balls work in all the spaces of a living/working environment, so it's efficient to activate all the areas together.

Key Features:

  • Crystal Ball: Crafted from high-quality crystal, this 40 mm ball radiates beauty and elegance, enhancing the energy of any room. You'll a crystal ball for each of the 9 areas of your space.
  • Six Colored Crystals: Corresponding to the area of the space on each crystal they are strategically placed atop the crystal ball..
  • Versatile Placement: Hang this crystal ball in any room. For a stronger influence, place each crytal in the corresponding area of your space according to the Black Sect Feng Shui tradition.

What's Included:

  • 9 Crystal Balls with 9 different Small Crystals on top: A large, 40 mm clear crystal ball.
  • 9 Home Energy Map: A detailed map of your home's different areas according to the Black Sect Feng Shui tradition, helping you position the crystal balls for maximum benefit.


  • Positive Energy: The crystals bring an influx of positive energy into your space.
  • A deepened Awareness of your living space. Everything responds to energy and giving this positive energy assists us to attract our highest and best. 


Transform Your Space

Elevate the energy in your home and boost each area with these beautiful crystal balls. Whether you place it in a prominent room or in the specific area, these elegant pieces are sure to enhance your space and bring a touch of positivity and good fortune into your life.

Add these enchanting crystal balls to your home today and experience the uplifting benefits they brings!