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Sandra Jeffs

9-Coin Feng Shui Prosperity Knot Amulet

9-Coin Feng Shui Prosperity Knot Amulet

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Invite Prosperity and Abundance: Elevate Your Wealth with the Power of the 9-Coin Feng Shui Prosperity Knot Amulet

Prosperity/Mystic Knot with Nine Coins: Your Pathway to Wealth and Abundance

Transform your home into a magnet for wealth and prosperity with the Prosperity/Mystic Knot, featuring nine coins specific to Black Sect Feng Shui. This ancient symbol, revered for millennia in Chinese culture, is designed to attract steday/continuous good fortune and financial abundance.

Key Properties:

  • Eternal Good Fortune: The Prosperity/Mystic Knot incorporates six infinity knots, symbolizing never-ending luck and prosperity. In Feng Shui, it is known to enhance various aspirations, ensuring a flow of positive energy into every aspect of your life.
  • Nine Coins for Abundance: The inclusion of nine coins amplifies the power of the knot, drawing a stream of money and prosperity into your home/life.
  • Auspicious Red: The red color of the knot is considered the most auspicious in Feng Shui, inviting vibrant, positive energy.
  • Healing Brass: Made of brass, these coins not only symbolize wealth but are also believed to bring inner truth and have healing properties, particularly beneficial for the immune system due to their zinc and copper content.

Usage Instructions:

To maximize the benefits, hang the Prosperity/Mystic Knot inside your front door or in the Wealth Area of your home. For best results, perform a blessing or chant your intentions for wealth and abundance nine times while placing the knot. This ritual enhances the energy flow, aligning your space with your financial goals.

Invite continuous good fortune and a steady flow of wealth into your life with the Prosperity/Mystic Knot. Let this powerful symbol guide you towards a future prone to abundance and prosperity.

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