9-Coin Feng Shui Prosperity Knot Amulet - Sandra Jeffs

9-Coin Feng Shui Prosperity Knot Amulet

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This Prosperity/Mystic Knot has the 9 coins that are specific to Black Sect Feng Shui. It attracts wealth and abundance. Hang it inside your front door, or in the Wealth Area of your home to attract more money into your life.


  • The Prosperity/Mystic  Knot has been used in Chinese cultures for millenniums.It has 6 times an infinity knot and symbolizes eternal and continues good fortune. In Feng Shui it will enhance any aspirations in your life and with the 9 coins, will bring endless streams of money.
  • The Nine Coins bring more money and prosperity into your life.
  • Red is the most auspicious color in Feng Shui
  • Brass coins: brass is believed to bring inner truth (coins have some zinc and copper, too = healing, especially the immune system.
NOTE: hang this inside the home next to the front door. Saying a blessing or chanting 9X while holding your intentions for wealth & abundance is advised when hanging this.