A 1 Hr or 2 Hr Feng Shui Consultation - Sandra Jeffs

A 1 - 4 Hour Feng Shui Consultations

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You can pay and signup for a consultation here.

Please note in your comments on the purchase your preferred date and time. for the consultation. I will phone you to confirm a time and to gather the necessary information.

I will ask you to draw a diagram of your home's or office's floor plan. If you are a business or a homeowner, I need the lot configuration (square, rectangle, hexagon, etc.) with streets, driveway, and any outbuildings or major trees/shrubs on the property.

You will need 9 red envelopes with a denomination inside. This is to honor the wisdom given in the session. The envelopes are placed on my alter and every day for 30 days I offer your intentions to the Universe. After 30 days, the envelopes are burned and sent back to the Universe in gratitude.