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Sandra Jeffs

A 1 - 4 Hour Feng Shui Consultations

A 1 - 4 Hour Feng Shui Consultations

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Unlock the Hidden Energy in Your Home: Feng Shui Consultations for a Balanced and Blissful Living Environment

Schedule Your Feng Shui Consultation: Transform Your Space, Elevate Your Life

Experience the profound benefits of Feng Shui through a personalized consultation. Whether you're a homeowner or a business owner, aligning your environment with ancient principles can unlock a harmonious flow of energy, helping you achieve your goals and nurture your well-being.

How to Book Your Consultation

  1. Sign Up and Pay: Secure your consultation by signing up and making your payment here.
  2. Preferred Date and Time: Our Booking Scheduler will give you options that work with you schedule and Sandra Jeffs'. If it doesn't, give her a call at 541-988-4394.
  3. Confirmation Call: You'll recieve an email confirmation and Sandra Jeffs will phone you to confirm the appointment and gather essential information. Sandra Jeffs will send you forms to fill-out and send back to her as quickly as possible. 

Preparing for Your Consultation

  • Floor Plan Diagram: Please prepare a diagram of your home's or office's floor plan. For businesses or homeowners, include the lot configuration (square, rectangle, hexagon, etc.), detailing streets, driveways, outbuildings, and significant trees or shrubs.
  • Red Envelopes: You will need 9 red envelopes, each containing a denomination. This practice honors the wisdom shared during the session. These envelopes will be placed on my altar, and your intentions will be offered to the Universe daily for 30 days. At the end of this period, the envelopes will be burned, sending your intentions back to the Universe in gratitude.

Why Choose Our Feng Shui Consultation?

  • Personalized Guidance: Tailored to your specific needs and environment, ensuring optimal results.
  • Comprehensive Analysis: Detailed examination of your space to identify and enhance energy flow.
  • Experienced Master Red Sect Feng Shui Consultant: Benefit from the expertise of a Master Feng Shui practitioner dedicated to your success.

Start Your Journey

Transform your living or working space with the timeless practice of Feng Shui. Sign up today, and take the first step towards a more balanced, harmonious life.

Book your consultation now and unlock the full potential of your environment!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews

We received a wonderful, helpful and thorough consultation from Sandra Jeffs. We really needed to fix some of the bigger issues with our home's layout, such as the dreaded T-Junction street location. We also learned so much about individual rooms in our home and small, easy steps to help with better energy transformation and movement. I am very grateful and honestly, very relieved to receive truthful, honest and reliable information. Online research can be very conflicting. I highly recommend Sandra Jeffs for a Feng Shui home or office consultation and good, sound advice. You will be rewarded daily.

Cheri B.
Great experience!

Sandra was amazing! She took the time to explain everything and patiently answered all my questions. I learned a lot and feel this was so beneficial!! She helped apply cures and gave me positive options to make my life better.