Get the book that exposes wounds and allows healing. This book is the beginning to stepping into your full potential.

Art feeds our souls through books, poetry, photography and can heal damage from abuse. The more good books one reads, or poetry, or art one experiences, the easier it is to find,peace, joy. and healing

Socrates is credited as saying, "An un-examined life is not worth living", Fiction and poetry are avenues to examine life more fully, to live vicariously through others' experiences, to broaden our perceptions and our horizons through depictions in the written word. Poetry can speak differently to each person as he or she finds one's own unique reflection in the work.

In today's world our time is sucked up in endless emails, texts and trivial pursuits that leave us little time for reflection of any kind. The practice of reading and thinking more deeply about meaningful topics, helps us to be more centered and more in touch with our highest and best self, to laugh more, cry more, and to find more identification - self-actualization.

Numerous studies have shown that taking time to reflect, to meditate, to just stop all the chatter in our heads and around us, allows us to be more centered and balanced individuals. Thus, we can achieve more and be more of what we most desire to be.

Reading is an ultimate teacher and, when reading meaningful work, gives a lasting gift of knowledge and awareness.


10% of the proceeds from this book are donated to the following organizations that help with abuse survivors:

Jasper Mountain - Helping child abuse survivors and their families

Women's Space - Helping domestic Abuse Survivors

You can click on either of these and go their Website(s) and also donate. Even $5 helps.


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