Biography for Business and Metaphysical Courses


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Meet Sandra Jeffs, your facilitator—a dynamic individual with a rich background in business, teaching, jewelry designer, and writing. As an author, poet, and editor, Sandra's talents extend beyond the conventional. She is a clairsentient, an empath, an intuitive, and a Light and Energy Healer. Her fascination with history and different cultures has led her to live and work abroad for 13 years, traveling to 35 countries. These experiences have opened her heart and mind, making her inclusive of all people, cultures, religions, and viewpoints. Sandra firmly believes that differences in people are blessings rather than handicaps.

Growing up in a poor family, Sandra began working at the age of 11. She later spent a decade as a business manager across three different fields. Her expertise allowed her to teach business management at the college level for two years. For 25 years, her primary teaching positions were as an College English Professor in Tokyo, Dubai, and at the University of Oregon in Eugene, OR.

Sandra's entrepreneurial spirit has driven her to start seven different businesses, with all but one achieving various degrees of success. Her journey as a spiritual intuitive was challenging until she learned the importance of being heart-centered, having heart coherence, and upholding moral values, integrity, and honesty. These principles enabled her to provide high-quality experiences for her clients, helping them step into their life purpose and overcome fears and doubts about their competency. Sandra's personal growth in these areas equips her to guide others effectively.

Sandra's spiritual journey began in childhood when she saw Angels around her bed. When she shared this with her religious mother, her mother’s reaction led Sandra to close her mind to these experiences and demons replaced the angels, which then manifested as severe insomnia. At 22, Sandra began having vivid visions that drove her to seek answers and prove her sanity. This quest led her to study and practice over 15 modalities in the metaphysical spirituality realm. Sandra has developed a holistic approach to her metaphysical practice, using whichever modality she is guided and which best suits the individual or group she is working with. Her primary modality is Theta Healing, complemented by quantum healing and breath work.

Sandra's guiding belief is that people are not lost, broken, or in need of fixing. She believes in walking with people through their darkness, holding their hand until they realize their own wholeness and divinity. Everything Sandra teaches or shares is from this empowering perspective, helping others move into their full Divine White Light as Spiritual Beings who are temporarily living in the physical plane of duality.

Professional Business and Metaphysical Qualifications

Sandra Jeffs brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to her role, with an impressive career spanning several decades. Her qualifications and experience include:

  • 12 Years in Business Management: Sandra has extensive experience in business management, having worked in this field for over a decade. This includes practical, hands-on management and teaching business courses.
  • 30+ Years Running Entrepreneurial Businesses: Sandra has successfully run entrepreneurial businesses for over three decades. She continues to manage and grow her current business ventures.
  • Almost 50 Years in Spiritual/Metaphysical Practices: Sandra has dedicated nearly five decades to studying and practicing various spiritual and metaphysical modalities, integrating this deep knowledge into her professional and personal life.

Sandra's diverse background uniquely positions her to guide others in merging business acumen with spiritual and intuitive practices.


Sandra Jeffs, a vibrant woman in her mid-seventies, has retired from her fulfilling career as a college professor but continues to live with excitement and wonder every day. She begins and ends each day with a spiritual practice that includes breath work, as she is a certified SOMA Breath-Work Instructor. Her days are filled with activities she loves: teaching spiritual courses, guiding others to awaken to their Divine Light, crafting beautiful spiritual jewelry, writing poetry, and working on her novel. Singing, dancing, and sharing moments with friends and family are the threads that weave through her life now. Sandra's joy is evident in everything she does, and she embraces her life with immense love and gratitude.

Her favorite quote is from the Song “Endangers Species” by Dianne Reeves:

I am an endangered species
But I sing no victim's songs
I am a woman, I am an artist
And I know where my voice belongs (Mmm)