About Sandra Jeffs

Sandra Jeffs is an imagistic poet and a novelist with an MFA in Creative Writing.

Sandra was ten years old when she wrote her first story and “published” it to her friends by copying it out on notebook paper and stapling the sides together. She knew she had something she wanted to say and it has been a burning desire for her ever since.

When she got her BA in English Literature she took as many creative writing classes as possible and was asked to join the creative writing graduate program at the University of Oregon. She earned her MFA in Creative writing in June 1986. She was required to write a book for her thesis and she chose poetry. That book is called Beyond the Seventh Day.

She went on to become a teacher and to travel the world visiting 35 different countries and living and working for 5 ½ years in Tokyo and 7 ½ years in Dubai. She finished up her teaching career as an instructor at the University of Oregon and is now retired from teaching and writing, editing, etc. She has 3 additional books of poetry: Finding Home: Healing from Abuse (published); and is about to re-release Beyond the Seventh Day. She has two additional poetry volumes written from her world travels, and about her spiritual journey which are both almost ready for publication.

Sandra is a two time cancer survivor, and has overcome her alcohol addiction and been sober for40+ years. She dealt with her husband’s intense alcohol and drug addiction and his subsequent suicide. Also, she has dealt with her second son’s severe drug addiction. Sandra was raised in a poor family with 5 brothers and two step brothers. She raised two sons while working full-time and attending university where she earned a Bachelor’s, a Master’s, and a teaching degree. She received no financial help from family at all for her education.

Sandra has a novel in the works called The Envoy which is about a woman who has a spiritual transformation and can heal others and the woman brings a message of peace and becoming more evolved human beings.

Her poetry book called Finding Home: Healing From Abuse deals with her abusive life experiences and calls for healing and finding one’s whole and best self. She has started a campaign for a kinder and more supportive society that sees verbal abuse as damaging a person’s soul and, thereby, such wounded people allows abuse into their lives or they can become abusive themselves.

Sandra used a Kindness Practice as a way to heal herself from her trauma. She found that it became impossible to hold onto the anger and resentment while doing acts of kindness. She campaigns for people to do a Kindness Practice which you can read about in her blog.

She is working on a self-help 30-Day challenge book to bring self-love and kindness into people's lives. 

Sandra Jeffs’ Kindness Practice challenge:

  • Every day find at least 2-5 ways to be kind to yourself and to others: such as in your thoughts, words or deeds to someone else.
  • Every evening, journal about the ways that you were kind in thought, word or deed and make it a habit. Make being kind a lifestyle

On this Website you can click on the "Kindness Pledge" and pledge to be kind every day. Try it for 30 days, or 60 or 90 days.

     Being kind will help those around us, while taking us to our highest and best selves.

Sandra also used music to heal. Every day she would listen to 15mins of music that had positive, encouraging, lyrics to overcome her trauma. She has compiled a list of hundreds of songs that she vetted to make sure they have lyrics that inspire and motivate and encourage one to be and to do his or her best. Click here to see the Playlist.

Due to 23 years of editing other people's writing in her history as an educator, Sandra Jeffs offers editing services for writers. She supports self-published authors and has bought numerous books only to find that 90% of them are so poorly written that it is difficult to read their work and to understand exactly what they are trying to communicate. They would greatly benefit from a professional editor. Click here to see her editing services.

Sandra is also a Certified Black  Feng Shui Consultant and she sells Feng Shui  products and schedules consultations here. Click here to check out her Feng Shui site.

Contact her at: sandy@sandrajeffs.com