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An Imagistic Poet, Novelist, Advocate for Kindness, and Spiritual Jewelry Maker

From the tender age of ten, Sandra Jeffs knew she had stories to tell. Her first "published" piece, lovingly handwritten and stapled together for her friends, marked the beginning of a lifelong journey into the world of writing. This early passion led her to a BA in English Literature, where she immersed herself in creative writing classes, culminating in an MFA in Creative Writing from the University of Oregon.

Sandra's thesis, a poignant poetry collection titled Beyond the Seventh Day, showcases her imagistic style and deep emotional resonance. This collection, soon to be re-released, was the first of many works that reflect her rich life experiences and profound insights.

A Life Rich with Experience

Sandra's career as an educator and her travels to 35 countries, including living and working for 13 years in Tokyo and Dubai, have deeply influenced her writing. She has authored three additional poetry collections, including Finding Home: Healing from Abuse, which addresses her own experiences with abuse and calls for healing and wholeness. Sandra’s poetry is a testament to her resilience as a two-time cancer survivor and her journey to sobriety lasting since 1977.

Her forthcoming novel, The Envoy, tells the transformative story of a woman who discovers her healing abilities and brings a message of peace to humanity. This narrative is a reflection of Sandra's own spiritual journey and her desire to inspire others.

Advocate for Kindness and Healing

Sandra's personal battles with family addiction and the loss of her husband to suicide have fueled her mission to foster a kinder society. She advocates for recognizing the damage of verbal abuse and promotes healing through her Kindness Practice. This daily challenge encourages individuals to perform acts of kindness and journal their experiences, cultivating a habit that transforms lives.

Sandra’s upcoming self-help book, a 30-Day Kindness Challenge, aims to bring self-love and kindness into people's lives. She also shares a curated playlist of uplifting music that helped her overcome trauma, available on her website.

Professional Editing and Feng Shui Consulting

With 23 years of experience editing other people's writing, Sandra offers professional editing services for writers, particularly those who self-publish. She believes in the power of clear and effective communication and provides detailed editing to enhance the readability and impact of written works.

Healing Services

In addition to her literary pursuits, Sandra is a Certified Black Feng Shui Consultant and did a 3-Year long course to learn the traditions. She has been a fully accredited practice\tion since 1999. She offers consultations and sells Feng Shui products, helping others create harmonious living spaces.

Sandra jeffs also got advanced certification in Theta Healing and has been a Theta Healing practitioner since 2011. Her sessions are transformative and she incorporates all modalities she has studied, including Feng Shui, to deliver a Holistic Healing modality..

Connect with Sandra Jeffs

Explore Sandra’s transformative work, take the Kindness Pledge, or inquire about her editing services and Feng Shui consultations. Explore this website to learn more and contact her directly at sandra@sandrajeffs.com.

Embrace kindness, discover healing, and find inspiration through the heartfelt works of Sandra Jeffs.