9 Amazing Feng Shui "Cures" to Attract Abundance

Feng Shui is an ancient system of working with energy to create a beneficial environment. It has worked for over 4000 years and can work for you, too.

The key:   Set a clear and precise intention and then do the cure to ANCHOR your intention. Take action on any and all hunches, intuition, opportunities about what to do to make it manifest. Remember: energy has to take form so that it actually becomes "abundance in your hand," and not just a "wish/dream." You have to do the work, as well as do the cure and have a strong intention you believe in 100% (any hidden disbelief will sabotage you).

Like energy attracts like energy - the more you believe and act on the belief that your abundance is deserved, the more readily it will come to you. The universe will hear you, bring it to you.