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Sandra Jeffs

Theta Healing - Clearing of Trapped Emotions, Vows, Oaths, Cords, Hooks, etc.

Theta Healing - Clearing of Trapped Emotions, Vows, Oaths, Cords, Hooks, etc.

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Unleash Your Emotional Freedom: Theta Healing Clearing of Trapped Emotions in Just 60 Minutes! 

Take a transformative journey to liberate yourself from the burdens of the past with our exclusive 60-minute Theta Healing/Clearing session. Advised as a preliminary step before any other Theta Healing sessions, this process is designed to release trapped emotions from one's body and feelings that may be holding you back.

Holding onto anger, regrets, sadness, and other negative emotions from the past serves no purpose in our present lives. In fact, it hampers our ability to be fully present, to respond rather than be triggered, and hinders our journey to becoming our highest and best selves.

Through Theta Healing, we tap into the Theta Brainwave level, accessing the unconscious where these trapped emotions lie. Here, you can release past traumas and emotional baggage that no longer serve your highest good. The valuable lessons learned from these experiences are downloaded and available to empower you, enabling you to make informed decisions and avoid toxic influences in your life now, and going forward.

It's important to note that this process does not absolve perpetrators of any wrongdoing; rather, it empowers you to let go of negative emotions while still maintaining your safety and security.

Experience the quick and easy nature of this process, conveniently

  • conducted over the phone.
  • in-person sessions are also available If you're in the Eugene/Springfield area of Oregon,
  • via Zoom for your convenience.

Are you ready to let go of the past and step into a future of emotional freedom and empowerment?

Book your Theta Healing/Clearing of Trapped Emotions session today and begin your journey towards a brighter, more liberated future! 

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Customer Reviews

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Life Changing!

I would absolutely recommend a session with Sandra. It was a life-changing experience for me and let me let go of so many stuck emotions from my past that were holding me back. Thank you Sandra!