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Sandra Jeffs

Deep Dive Body Detox - Theta Healing

Deep Dive Body Detox - Theta Healing

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Cleanse and Renew: Experience the transformative power of detoxification as we guide you through a journey to cleanse your body of toxins and renew your overall well-being

Revitalize Your Body with Personalized Detoxification by Sandra Jeffs 

Embark on a rejuvenating journey to cleanse your body from within with our exclusive One-On-One detox session guided by Sandra Jeffs. In just 45 minutes, target toxins lingering in vital organs like the liver, pancreas, and blood, and promoting release of toxins for optimal health and vitality.

Experience Transformation:

  • Holistic Approach: Address toxins in both the physical and emotional realms, including releasing stored anger in the liver and detoxing toxic thoughts and energies.
  • Theta Brain-wave State: Enter the "Gateway to the unconscious," where deep-seated beliefs and programs reside, and actively participate in releasing and clearing toxins while remaining awake and aware.
  • Noticeable Results: Heightened bodily functions post-session indicate the expulsion of toxins, including increased bathroom trips, sweating, burping, yawning, or sinus drip.
  • Supportive Recommendations: Stay hydrated with 8-10 glasses of filtered water over the next 48 hours to aid the detoxification process.

Book Your Session Today:

Take the first step towards holistic wellness and reclaim your vitality today. Choose your preferred session delivery method—

  • over the phone 📞,
  • in-person (Eugene/Springfield Area) 
  • via Zoom 💻

Experience the power of personalized detoxification—book your session with Sandra Jeffs now!

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