Workshop - Discover your Personal Song

Workshop - Discover your Personal Song

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This is a fun, exciting and powerful 90 minute workshop (over Zoom, for now) that deals with healing with sound. Participants will learn how to tone and clear their own energy and the importance of sound vibrations in your body when one sings or tones and how that aligns and harmonizes the multiple systems, hormones, and overall well-being of the body, mind and soul.

Participants will be given time and exercises to discover their own song/toning that is unique to them and that will help them move into better and stronger alignment and health.

Instructions and the Zoom Link will be sent to you after you register. The workshop is limited to 12 people and will only run if there are at least 5 participants who sign up. If not enough people sign up by 5 days prior, your Workshop Fee will promptly be refunded.

Workshops are scheduled at limited times during the year.

Also, if you refer a friend, both of you will be given a 10% refund. Notify me at of all friends names you refer and I will refund you all 10%.

The next workshop will be held on: Saturday, July 24, 2021 at 1pm Pacific Standard Time.

NOTE: ability to sing or carry a tune, or lack thereof, has zero importance for this process to be enriching and beneficial.