Detoxing the Body and the Home Environment - 5 Week Course

Detoxing the Body and the Home Environment - 5 Week Course

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🌿 Transform Your Body, Mind, & Home with Our Detoxifying 5-Week Course! 🌟

Are you ready to embark on a journey of holistic renewal and rejuvenation? Join us for our exclusive Detoxifying Body, Mind, & Home Environment course, starting April 18th and concluding on May 16th. This transformative experience begins with a private energetic clearing session to pave the way for your wellness journey.

Discover the power of holistic detoxification as we guide you through five weeks of immersive practices to cleanse your body, refresh your mind, and purify your living space. And the best part? You'll receive a 10% discount when you use the code "2024Product" upon registration!

Here's what's in store for you:

🌱 Prior to Week 1: A  private Energetic Clearing - Start your journey with a personalized session to release toxins in body, mind, and spirit, setting the foundation for deep transformation.

🍏 Weeks 2-5: Ongoing Detoxification - Dive deeper into the detox process as we continue to clear toxins and heavy metals, harness the power of diet and exercise, implement Feng Shui practices to cleanse your home environment, utilize breath-work to purify your thoughts and spirit, and experience the healing vibrations of music to activate your pineal gland, heart.

🌟 Experience the Benefits of Group Dynamics - Working alongside like-minded individuals accelerates your progress and enhances the efficacy of the practices, fostering a supportive community of wellness seekers.

Invest in yourself and reclaim your vitality, clarity, and inner harmony. Don't miss this opportunity to revitalize your body, refresh your mind, and renew your home environment.

Secure your spot today. Spaces are limited, so act now to embark on your journey to holistic wellness!

Detoxify your life, transform your world. Join us for the journey of a lifetime! 🌿✨

Class size is limited to 20 people

If Thursday's class is full and you are able to do Wednesday nights at 6:30pm, email me and I might be able open up another class if at least 4-5 participants.