30-Day Destiny State  Challenge Sept 26-Oct 24, 2018 - Sandra Jeffs

30-Day Destiny State Challenge Sept 26-Oct 24, 2018

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This course is only offered in Springfield, Oregon. It covers a 5 week period. This price is a BETA price in order to ascertain how much extra time will be spent using Theta Healing to remove blocks or limiting beliefs.

It is a facilitated/mentored support group for completing 30 days of asking empowering questions and receiving enlightening answers, of changing your state, and becoming your highest and best self.

Week One: Form questions and begin 30-day Challenge on the next day

Week Two: Days 7-13 of the Challenge

Week Three: Days 14-20 of the Challenge

Week Four: Days 21-27 of the Challenge

Week 5: Days 28-30 and prioritizing your strategies - final meeting and debriefing

Make sure that you have watched the Tony Robbins video prior to signing up. A few people might want to do the Challenge on their own, rather than join the group. Click on the link to the 1 hr video below: 

MENTAL FOCUS AND CLARITY (Tony Robbins 2017 Motivational Speech)