2021 SOMA Meditation Session plus a SOMA Session

2021 SOMA Meditation Session plus a SOMA Session

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SOMA is a holistic breath-work that aligns you with your highest and best self, your inner guru. It allows you to learn to stay centered, healthy, strong, a master manifestor, and connected with source.

It is easy and safe. The session offered here will take 80 minutes: 10-15 mins for explanation, 30-mins for meditation, and 20 mins for the breath-work, and 10 mins+ for questions, etc.

You will go on a meditation journey to discover and set your intention for the coming year. This is key to manifesting that reality.

Each week will cycle through different meditations. These are group sessions.

If you wish for a private session, please email me at info@sandrajeffs.com and specify your available times. I'll get back to you to book a day and time.

Meditation sessions will be offered on Thursdays from 6 pm to 7:30 pm PT