Fluorite Pendulums

Fluorite Pendulums

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These beautiful pendulums are sensitively weighted for more accurate testing. The fluorite gemstone on the end increases the energy vibration for a more accurate and pure reading using this pendulum.

The pendulums themselves are either steel or antique copper. There are four colors for the fluorite gemstone: green, blue, purple, or clear. [NOTE: blue is rare and limited and clear is also hard to get.]

Gemstone Properties:

Fluorite-Green: aids intuition, grounds, absorbs excess energy, cleanses, renews Chakra's, healing. Related to the 3rd Eye Chakra and your life purpose.

Fluorite-Blue: inspires honesty, a sense of justice. Promotes letting go of obsessions , frustrations and disappointment; awakens spiritually; heals fragmentation from past and cellular memory. Related to the Throat Chara, to speaking truth and having a voice. 

Fluorite-purple: Protection, lessons bad dreams, relieves stress & spiritual discomfort & physical blockages, heals. Also, related to the 3rd Eye Chakra and your vision, as well as to the Crown Chakra.

 Fluorite-Clear: is a mental clarity stone – inspiring, elevating and stimulating to the Crown Chakra. It cleanses and energizes the aura, harmonizing the mind and spirit.[NOTE: clear fluorite is rare and hard to find.]

*Fluorite stays at the vibration level it is raised to. Our crystals have been raise to the 12th Dimension and will stay there, will gently raise your own vibration by wearing it, safely and appropriately for you.

Metal Properties:

Stainless Steel: strength, protection & blocks negative energy

Copper (antique): heals, alleviates lethargy & restlessness